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Contra-Examples: Don't Do This!

When cyclists don't act as drivers of vehicles, they can make things difficult for themselves and unpredictable to other drivers. Avoiding these mistakes can make your cycling much more enjoyable, convenient, and safe.

Wrong-way cycling: This is a leading cause of car-bike crashes. Right-turning drivers scan for vehicle traffic coming from their left, and often turn directly into the paths of wrong-way cyclists. Drivers are often surprised by the presence wrong-way cyclists, and neither party may be able to stop in time to avoid a crash. The impact speed equals the car's speed plus the cyclist's speed. Never drive a vehicle against traffic. RIDE RIGHT.

Sidewalk cycling: Sidewalks are designed for pedestrian speeds; drivers do not expect vehicles on sidewalks and generally drive across them without scanning for anything moving faster than a pedestrian. Operating on the sidewalk makes you less visible and you cannot use destination positioning at intersections. Studies have shown that car-bike crash rates are two to four times higher for cyclists on sidewalks than for cyclists operating on the adjacent roadway sections. When falls and collisions with pedestrians, dogs, and other obstacles are considered, we find that cycling on sidewalks results in many times more injuries per mile than cycling on major roads without special bike facilities.

Collecting the door prize: Never ride within a doors' length distance of a parked car. You won't be able to stop or merge left safely and in time.

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